Lotmoxie Branding
Feb 01

Lotmoxie Branding

Lotmoxie Identity –

Recognizing the importance of brand to Company’s strategy moving forward, Lotmoxie is focused on creating a brand experience that will resonate with its intended audience, sustain loyalty over time, and be consistent in all communications – from the Company’s name, logo, signage, collateral, web site and other outward symbols that will help distinguish its mobile home parks, services and operating philosophy.

Why Named Lotmoxie?

The Lotmoxie name was derived from the words “Lot” and “Moxie”.

“Lot” because our business model focuses on delivering lot rentals versus having a preponderance of park-owned-home rentals (“POH”).  While most MHPs have some amount of POHs, particularly upon initial acquisition, we try to convert renters to buyers through cash sales or seller financing under a rent-to-own program.

“Moxie” because we have the force of character and determination to execute upon our goal of building a portfolio of well managed mobile home parks in order to provide affordable housing to thousands of deserving families, while providing an attractive return on investment to our investors.