What is Lotmoxie and project funding?

Lotmoxie is a private real estate firm that invests in MHP (mobile home parks) throughout the US. We acquire, reposition and dispose of MHPs in order to generate cash flow, desirable yields and asset appreciation for our investors. We raise equity on a per-acquisition basis providing investors with the opportunity to review and approve individual investment before deciding to invest.

Who is eligible to invest with Lotmoxie?

Lotmoxie raises equity capital through its traditional investment platform which selectively seeks out private investors.  We are not a fund and are not bound by regulatory accreditation status guidelines.  Our investors come in various forms, such as individuals, LLCs, trusts or investment companies.

What am I investing in?

You are investing in MHPs that our team identifies and acquires on your behalf.  We will reposition the MHPs as needed and ultimately sell or refinance.

Are these investments risky?

Yes.  Much like investing in other types of investments there is no guarantee of success when investing in real estate.  The real estate market has economic cycles and there is no way to reliably predict economic changes.

How will investor reporting work?

Investors will have access to an investor portal to look at investment details and any relevant documents.  Investors will get semi-annual or annual detailing of the status of their investments.

Can an investor cash out at any time?

The MHP real estate investments are by nature illiquid and long term investments.  Typically at the end of the investment holding period any available cash flow, capital and net asset value will be distributed.

Can Lotmoxie accept 1031 proceeds?

Yes.  We can process your 1031 investment in any of our active projects needing capital.  Consult with you accounting or other professional for details on 1031 investing.

Any Questions?

Any Questions?

Any Questions?

Just contact us via kperry@lotmoxie.com or 919-622-1874.