What We Do

Lotmoxie is a mobile home park investment firm. Our Company focuses on acquiring, repositioning and managing all-aged, stabilized and value-add mobile home parks in select markets throughout the United States.

Investment Focus

We invest in MHPs in select markets throughout the US that fit our investment criteria in order to build a portfolio comprised of a blend of  stabilized parks with less capital risk, where we are in essence buying a more predictable income stream with less asset appreciation and value-add parks with more risk and greater opportunity to increase income and asset appreciation.

MHPs Investments Provide Uncommon Value & Income Stability

Investors continue to get bruised in most investment classes while MHP investments remains consistent with their long storied recession-resistant performance.

Investor Portal

Investors will have access to their investment details from anywhere through a cloud-based investor portal that is secure with SSL certificate, industry standard firewalls, data encryption.  Capabilities include ability to download and remit sign-up documentation and communication, generate investment statements whenever needed,  project financials to monitor your investment and annual tax documents.

What We’re About

The genesis of Lotmoxie was borne out of our exploration of whether it made economic sense to develop a tract of land we owned that was zoned for Mobile Home Parks (MHP).  That exploration lead to the understanding that developing a new MHP is difficult for a variety of reasons, but more importantly that the MHP non-asset class was superior by traditional economic metrics to the core assets classes that we historically invested in and / or developed such as apartments, office and land.

It is clear to us that this is where we need to continue to spend our time and investment dollars over the next 5+ years.   We believe that the MHP industry is where self-storage was 10-15 years ago. Self-storage is another non-core asset class that has some of the same strong economic and other characteristics as MHPs, such as strong yields, low capex and fragmented ownership.   While institutional investors such as private equity firms and public and private REITs have invested heavily in  MHPs particularly since 2011, private investors, consisting of both large real estate investment firms like MHP Funds and small Mom & Pops, remain the dominate buyers and owners.

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